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What Does a Figure mean to you?

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There is a saying that goes thus; curiosity kills the cats. The first liner is a phrase that is familiar with scholars across board.
As Africans, there is something spectacular about us which has to do with digging deep to get whatever we want. A typical example is when we are faced with something that appears to be a myth; we are curious in clearing every obstacle to find out.
So I enjoin you to keep digging further in order to find out the meaning of FIGURE.
What does the word FIGURE really mean to you? Does it strike a chord when someone says he/she is a public figure?
In the course of this article, we shall unveil to you the contextual meaning of FIGURE. Take a chill pill as we dissect what this means and how it relates with you.
A Figure is someone that is known to be highly respectable in the settings of a society, probably because of his/her notable strides in their area of specialization or innovations they have done in the course of their career path.

Contextually, the meaning of figure is basically a high profile individual that knows his onions in whatever craft he is into and has been able to impart the society positively.
In relating the contextual meaning of Figure with our topic of discussion, we want to let you into our new weekly series titled: FIGURE, where we shall feature successful Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Techies and Experts who have carved a niche for themselves in their various fields of specialty.
The session promises to be engaging, interactive, and educative. It will take the approach of conversation, which will allow for questions from people in our facebook group and anybody that wants to join the conversation on the group.
The discussion will centre on career developments, future of technology, professional guidance, and what have you.
It sure will be worth the time to partake in each of the weekly series on Start Innovation Hub’s Facebook page.

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