Web Development Training in Uyo

In January 29, 2018

Web Development Training in Uyo:

web development training uyoIn our bid to contribute to the development of the local technology ecosystem, we are making it very affordable for you to register for a 6-month job guaranteed training on Web and Android Development. This training is organized and supported by Start Innovation Hub and some concerned members of the local ecosystem in Akwa Ibom State.

The training fee is N150,000.00 just N50,000.00 to be paid in one installment (66% off). Registration commences immediately and continues till 23rd February, 2018.

Classes will start on 1st March, 2018 and ends 31st August, 2018.

Venue: Start Innovation Hub, G11, Ground Floor, Ibom e-Library, IBB Avenue, Uyo-Akwa Ibom State.

We have placed everyone that was part of #StartInFeb start in 2017. Here is another opportunity for you!

Click here to Register 

Call Patrick on 0909 000 9216 for more information

Android Syllabus

  • Java/Kotlin
  • UI/UX
  • Git/GitHub
  • Architecture Patterns
  • Material Design
  • Data Storage
  • Networking
  • Gradle
  • Firebase/Cloud
  • Intro to AI

Web Syllabus

  • Html/CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Responsive Web
  • UI/UX
  • DB UML Design
  • Application Architecture
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Git Version Control
  • RESTful API
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Introduction to:
  • Firebase/Cloud
  • PWA
  • AI
  • SPA


  1. Really Really interested but no money

    1. Hello John, are you in Uyo?

      1. Am very much intrested to become a member of start innovation hub,but the is no cash to make payment…bt atleast i ave 30,000 to pay now.please help me out.

        1. Hello Abasifreke, please call Patrick on 0909 000 9216 for details.

          1. Comment pls can i still apply to learn?

  2. Will love to partake, but UYO is too far.
    is there no center in Calabar?

    1. We are sorry Obi, the program will be holding in Uyo.

  3. Interested but limited funds

  4. when next will you be holding this training.

  5. the number is unavailable

    1. Please try again, it’s available

  6. I wasn’t away of this training I would have partake in it…but I have applied for the free ICT training.. I pray I be among the chosen ones.

  7. Hello, please do you do weekend training for working class person

  8. No please but this can be arranged specifically for you.

  9. nice offer boss hanson…soon join the crew thanks for the opportunity God bless

    1. We are . waiting . to . receive you.

  10. I am interested.I guess this 2018 is gone but you can prove me wrong.Please notify me of opportunities available for kids, teenagers, undergraduates and full grown adult at the nick of time.

    1. We will make an announcement soon, please stay tuned and check our social media channels

  11. please i am 16 years old self taught web designer and graphics designer
    I am Gordian Etim base in Uyo ,
    i really am so interested in this programmes but i will love to know when the upcoming programmes will hold so i can fully participate
    In order to get more skills and knowledge
    Thank you.!

    1. We will make an announcement soon, stay tuned. you may call 09090009216 for updates

  12. pls I’m interested in the web designing ‘

    1. Please feel free to come to the office when we resume on 7th January 2019. Also stay tuned for the announcements we will be making soon.

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