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Web Design And Web Development: What Is The Difference?

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Yes, there are numerous solutions to improve your business web presence. While small businesses hedge their bets by growing their presence online through social media, some others take the bull by the horn by investing in building their websites. And for these businesses, investing in a website is the best investment in developing a credible and robust online presence.

However, not all businesses that build their websites end up with one that is astounding and can convert leads because they do not understand the process. Getting confused by the roles and differences between web design and web development can be impeding. Although both have few things in common, they are primarily different. However, companies use them interchangeably recently to describe their services.

So, here are the differences and similarities of both to help you understand their roles, make better decisions, and save more resources.

Web Design

Web design, as a web component, is associated with a website’s user interface (UI) and the user experience (UX). These ideally would translate to the aesthetics and usability of a website. Both concepts of UI/UX rely grandly on the use and interpretation of creative design principles, how humans perceive them, and how their interactions affect the human experience. 

So, web design produces design elements and interactions that are consistent with your brand by delivering astounding UI/UX. While this may sound very commonplace, it’s, however, the factor that makes the difference between a regular website and an exceptionally engaging website that converts leads.

Also, web design is responsible for the information architecture element of the website. Information architecture simply refers to the organization of information and data on your site that users and visitors can have access to, to complete their experience on your website.

Overall, web design adopts your business story and convert it into a visually appealing interface and would give your audience the best of your business experience. So, just as every building starts with a building plan drawn by an architect, web design develops a visual or graphic plan for your website. Just like having 3D models of the building plan, web designers can create prototypes of your website to show interactions and user experience.  

Now, check out the websites you visit very often that leave you feeling good and the ones that you find unappealing. Do you see the difference? Right!

Well, web design makes a difference in aesthetics and interaction.  

Web Development

Basically, web development is the conveying of functionalities to a design using codes. Web development involves the use of programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, C++, and so on, which give life to the design of your website. While the web design component focuses on beauty and usability, web development is more concerned with translating its designs into a fully functional website capable of carrying out the required actions and give desired outcomes.

Web development delivers a functional website using two distinct elements, which are Frontend development and Backend development.

Frontend development delivers a client-side interface of your website. It makes sure that the site visitors find and achieve their tasks with ease by translating the information architecture of the website using codes. 

However, backend development covers the server-side of your website – your side as the admin. Back end developers ensure that every admin function of your website runs smoothly, whether data protection, domain setup or database configuration.

Although frontend developers have different roles and skillsets from backend developers, few possess both skillsets – Fullstack developers.

Similarities – Web Design And Web Development

There’s a whole world of difference between web design and web development, and a few overlapping features – the similarities. So before we move on to the differences, let’s see what they have in common.

  1. The Objective
  2. Cloud-based tools
  3. Integration and Adaptation as a single process

1. The Objective

While the processes and concepts of web design and web development vary greatly, they, however, have the same ideal.

They both aim toward delivering an engaging and astounding website that exceptionally converts leads, which is the objective.

2. Cloud-based Tools

Ideally, web designers and web developers sure do use different tools, but it’s worth noting as a similarity that most of their tools are cloud-based. Web designers use design tools like Photoshop, Figma, InVision, Adobe Fireworks, Google Web Designer, etc. Web developers, on the other hand, use Integrated Development Environments (IDE’s) for programming languages and also platforms like GitHub.

3. Integration And Adaptation Into A Single Process

Web design and web development involve different processes with different timelines. However, they can be adopted into a single lean, cost-effective process using the agile methodology.

This way, your website can be built and schedules managed as one project to deliver a top-class site cost-effectively.

Differences: Web Design Vs. Web Development

  1. The Workflow
  2. Scope Of Limits

1. The Workflow

Ideally, the web designers are usually the first to get to work in a website building project, translating the client’s narrative into a visually appealing representation. This step happens before the web development component, which is the interpretation of the design using codes for functionality. So, it’s quite commonplace to have the web design team working directly with the client while the web developer works with the web designers. 

For better productivity, it’s better to keep it triangular (web designer – client – web developer). Most software development companies like Start Innovation Hub integrate the project into one lean process. However, you can hire a web developer and a web designer for your project.

2. Scope Of Limits

While web design and web development explore different processes and skillsets, the show differences in the nature and scope of their limitations. While web development is limited by the restrictions in the programming language engaged by the developer, web design, on the other hand, face limitations in the creativity and exposure of the designer.

What’s Next?

Hiring a company that has both web designers and web developers collaborating in a system is the complete solution. I’d recommend that for you as a business that wants to build a website to improve web presence.

An excellent development partner can integrate both components (web design and development) into a lean, cost-effective process for more efficiency and improved delivery. You can experience this working with Start Innovation Hub as your development partner. Thanks to our collective experience over the years in helping organizations solve complex problems using web and mobile solutions. We focus on a strong collaboration between design and development teams to deliver fast and seamless building processes.

Are you ready to create a sustainable web presence? Or are you not sure what solutions to get? Get in touch with us. We’d love to schedule a meeting to discuss what options and alternatives are available for you.

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