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Importance of Human Relations in the Workplace

The Importance of Human Relations in the Workplace

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Relationships are an innate and integral part of human nature. Some people would say, give it a human face. You build relationships and sometimes create unsaid boundaries, yet they are understood. However, you’d find that communication includes and also transcends spoken words. These relationships also exist in workplaces  – Human Relations.

Human relations in the workplace play a huge role in employee productivity, job satisfaction, employee retention, culture, customer engagement, and even resource management.

Human relations skills improve communication and collaboration amongst employee groups and teams in the workplace. Let’s see how!

1. Increased Collaboration

People tend to share more when they feel accepted and acknowledged. 

Are there any circles or cliques in your workplace? What do you think about these groups? Do you belong to any circle? Also, recall, there are colleagues to whom you never say more than two words – preferably, Good Morning. 

Why do you think this is? 

How do you think these situations affect productivity in your workplace?

Meanwhile, effective human relations in the workplace increases the willingness of employees to collaborate better in teams.

Also, there is better synergy amongst team players when a degree of cordial relationship exists. The employees are more willing to work together on projects and are more willing to share ideas.

2. Improved Productivity

While most companies operate with policies that prevent personal relationship building, some others create policies that foster positive personal relationships.

However, when a respectful and supportive relationship exists between management and employees, productivity is positively affected. 

We spend 50 percent more time with our customers, coworkers and bosses than we do with our friends, significant others, children and other relatives combined. To be sure, finding a few strong friendships at the office will help anyone be more engaged and productive. –Working Resources

Furthermore, relationships in the workplace are a source of motivation for employees. This motivation is essential for driving productivity.

3. Employer Retention and Job Satisfaction

Increased employee retention and job satisfaction are very likely to increase if employees feel they are positively contributing to the growth of the business.

Nevertheless, employees with sound job satisfaction have greater tendencies of staying on the job. Also, retention of skills lowers the cost of training and onboarding of new hires. 

4. Good Culture and Customer Engagement

Human relations in the workplace improve good corporate culture and loyalty. Where there is a good relationship, loyalty thrives.

More so, Clients are more engaged by a business with a culture that embraces and accommodates. As employees ideate and innovate, the business is poised to adopt and make changes to products as consumer needs change.

Until next time, keep the human relations in your workplace healthy and 100%!

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