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Start Innovation Hub Launches New Digital Skills Training Program

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The effects of the first global pandemic in the digital era still hold sway. 

Businesses are making necessary adjustments and are struggling to survive. More so, there’s been increasing dependence on digital communication, eCommerce, and other virtual technologies. 

No one knows if everything would go back to what they once were. So, here now is the new normal.

Businesses and governments are preparing for life post-COVID, putting in place the right talents and digital assets. As a result, there is increasing skill demand, but the supply-curve remains steep. 

We understand from 2019 reports that the Nigerian youth unemployment rate was at 13.96%. So, approximately 14 out of every 100 youths are without jobs. And here’s something else that we do understand; These numbers would reduce greatly if at least 7 of every 14 unemployed Nigerian youths develop the right digital skills for these times and the future, in preparation for the coming digital transformation.

For this reason, Start Innovation Hub launches a new Digital Skills Training Program to empower 600 youths for job-readiness and self-sustenance by 2021.

“Tell me more”, you say? Of course, you need to know more.

About The Digital Skills Training Program

Every batch of skill training in the program would run for 3-6 months. While it focuses on delivering digital market in-demand skills, it’d dynamically incorporate soft-skill development also. Additionally, the program makes provision for individuals and organizations who are looking sponsor wards or staff. Click here for more information on how to join the sponsorship program. 

Featured Market In-Demand Digital Skills

We’ve identified some relevant skills that are in high demand. And they include the following:

1. Web Development

  • Introductory web development
  • Frontend web development
  • Backend web development

2. Android Development

  • Introductory android development
  • Advanced android development 

3. Digital Marketing

4. Graphic Design

5. eCommerce Platform Development

Who Can Participate?

You can participate. We are also making sure no one gets left behind as we adjust to the new normal.

  • School leavers,
  • Students,
  • Graduates,
  • Workers,
  • As well as Professionals that want to improve on already-acquired skills or learn new ones.

So, the training commences on 21st September 2020, after registration closes on 16th September 2020.

What’s The Catch?

While the program would provide participants enabling environment and surround them with a supportive community of professionals, it would also grant them soft-skills, and share job and career opportunities.

Nice, Start Hub! Let’s get started already! 

Great! We love the spirit! Click Here to get started with us. Meanwhile, for more information, feel free to contact us.

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