Start Innovation Hub Gets August Visitors After Pandemic Lockdown

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On Thursday, 2nd July 2020, it was a thrill having Mr. Udom Inoyo and Mr. Ime Uwah make an august visit to the Start Innovation Hub Headquarters, Uyo, Nigeria.

Mr. Udom Inoyo (Retired) is the past Executive Vice Chairman of ExxonMobil, Nigeria. His colleague, Mr. Ime Uwah is the SSA to the Akwa Ibom State Governor on Marketing and Brand Management and a member of the State’s Post-COVID-19 Economic Recovery Team.

Mr. Udom Inoyo and Cohorts with Mr. Hanson Johnson


Mr. Hanson Johnson, CEO of Start Innovation Hub, while receiving the august guests, gave them a tour of the facility. The stint started at the staff section, then to Jiggle, Project Create, and finished at the AR/VR section of the facility.

Although the duo was visiting the Hub for the first time, Mr. Udom Inoyo made known his unawareness of the existence of a tech hub in this part of the country and was very impressed with the operations and activities at Start Innovation Hub.

Mr. Udom Inoyo and Cohorts with Mr. Hanson Johnson

During the tour of the facility, the duo met and interacted with budding talents, trainees, and remote-working developers and designers in the Hub. They were also introduced to JIGGLE, a new budgeting and contactless payment platform developed by the Jiggle team in Start Innovation Hub.

” I understand…every young man or woman in Akwa Ibom wants to be in the Government, and I was like the opportunities are so huge. So, I’m happy to be here and to see people like you not interested in the Government but doing something independent of the Government…” Mr. Udom commented while having a conversation with the Head of VR during their stint.

Mr. Udom Inoyo and Cohorts with Mr. Hanson Johnson

After the quick tour of the facility, Mr. Hanson Johnson and the guests had a long talk on plans for the state’s economic development strategy post-COVID-19 and the role of the Hub in enterprise and capacity planning, job creation, and the development of more talents.

What can we say? Guess August came early this season.
Learn more about Start Innovation Hub HERE.

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