3 Months Python Course

Basics of python, Data types, list operations, functions, Tuples, Dictionaries and data processing etc.

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Python February 2023
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3 Months
Python Course

Basics of python, Data types, list operations, functions, Tuples, Dictionaries and data processing etc.

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Python May 2023
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5th February 2024


3 Months


₦ 200,000.00


  • Basics Of Python
  • Data Types
  • Classes
  • Git/GitHub
  • Functions
  • Modules
  • OOP

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Who To Attend

  • Fresh graduates
  • Those interested in traveling abroad
  • Job seekers
  • Those seeking a career in tech
  • Tech enthusiast
  • Students


As an Architectural student in the university, I was curious and enthusiastic about tech and how I can use it to have an edge in my career. When I heard of Project CREATE Programme by Start Innovation Hub, I had to give it a try and today, I can boldly say I made the right choice because I am now a Frontend Developer and also serving as the software project manager for Jiggle App. What I love most about this team is their selflessness and going extra miles to connect serious graduate trainees to opportunities.

Iniemem Udosen

Digital Product Designer at Kimoyo Fellowship

Whenever I look back I see the role Start Innovation Hub played and is still playing in who I am today in the tech space. I want to really say thank you for helping give me direction earlier and facilitating my access to opportunities. Thank you again for being an integral part of my career journey in design. We are just getting started!

Chiehiura Basil

Tech gave me a second chance

Starting out as an Android developer in 2016 without a laptop and any background of tech, was one life audacious step I’ve taken. And a big thank you to this team who guided a young confused girl through the right path, gave me a Lenovo ThinkPad Laptop, Scholarship and a learning community to belong to for free.

Now I’m a voice in the tech ecosystem, founded a blended training organisation, Tech Skills Hack, one that’s helping other young people navigate the huddles of becoming successful Tech humans and has been featured on national and international platforms.

Iniobong Udoh

A major turning point in my career came when I went for 6 months out of school industrial Training placement at Start Innovation Hub in Uyo. That’s where Computer Science Theories made sense to me. They did not just train, they mentored and gave me unhindered access to the local and global tech community where I was able to facilitate my learning experience interacting and collaborating with other developers.

Edidiong Asikpo

Although I graduated with a Petroleum Engineering Degree from the University of Uyo, Project CREATE fuelled my passion for coding and contributed immensely to getting hired by Tek Experts, a Microsoft Partner, as a MIcrosoft Office 365 Engineer. What I appreciated more is the community of like minds I got connected to and grew together.

Enobong Okpongette

I grew up under the wings of Mr. Hanson Johnson who was so interested in each person that visited the hub, either by direct contact or through staff. The most difficult puzzle for me then was direction (which way to go) but joining Start Innovation Hub hub was all I needed to solve that problem without even knowing. Today, I lead VestPay as the CEO shortly after moving ahead from the CTO position at Farmspnsor..

Elisha Ukpong

Attain Global Relevance

Digital skills offer an attractive workplace and also give you the privilege of working remotely and at your own pace. Our web development course is tailored to equip you with the skills required to attain global relevance.

  • Are you planning to travel abroad?
  • Do you want to change careers?
  • Are you a job seeker?
  • Are you considering a career in tech?
  • Do you want to stand a better chance in job interviews?

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What types of training programs does your tech hub specialize in?

Our tech hub specializes in a diverse range of training programs tailored to meet the demands of the tech industry. These include courses in programming languages, software development, data science, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and more.

Are your training programs suitable for beginners or advanced learners?

We cater to individuals at all skill levels, from absolute beginners to seasoned professionals looking to enhance their expertise. Our programs are structured to accommodate different learning curves and ensure everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

What facilities are available to trainees?

We provide a conducive learning environment equipped with all the necessary facilities for our trainees. This includes reliable power supply, high-speed internet connectivity, comfortable seating arrangements, interactive learning materials, and dedicated support staff to assist with any technical

Can we pay for training programs in installments?

Yes, we offer flexible payment options including installment plans to make our training programs more accessible. Please inquire with our enrollment team for more details.

Do you offer certificates after completing training programs?

Yes, upon successful completion of our training programs, participants are awarded certificates of completion. These certificates validate the skills and knowledge acquired during the program and can be a valuable addition to your resume or portfolio.

Do you offer any financial assistance or scholarships for training programs?

We typically do not offer financial assistance or scholarships for our training programs. However, in special cases where we have partnerships with organizations or sponsors who are willing to provide support, we may be able to offer financial assistance or scholarships. Please inquire with our enrollment team for more information about available opportunities in such special cases.