NINNOVA Ecosystems Development Programme

NINNOVA Ecosystems Development Programme

In September 15, 2016

Start Inovation Hub played host to Network of Incubators and Innovators in Nigeria on 14th September, 2016 in Uyo during their Ecosystems Development Programme.

The NINE team who were on a nationwide tour starting from the vibrant Uyo ecosystem was led by Bankole Toba of enspire Incubator Abuja. He made us to understand that the tour is supported by National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) to help share ideas that will help develop our ecosystems and also keep NITDA in the know of the different activities going on in the space.

The CEO of Start Innovation Hub Mr. Hanson Johnson in his opening remark gave a rundown of the event highlight, promising that there will be no coding, just addressing challenges and discussing solutions.

Mr. Bankole later shared inspiring stories from various Startups in cities across the country, and encouraged us to keep on doing what we are doing till we can attract the necessary attention of government and private sector investors.

The SA to the governor of Akwa Ibom State on ICT reinstated the interest the current administration has in ensuring that Akwa Ibom youth catch up with the opportunities Information and Communication Technology offers and pledged an enabling environment for technology to thrive in the state.

The SA to the governor on New Media, Mrs. Meflyn Anwana while addressing participants said the Governor is committed to achieving a technology driven economy and is always ready to support Young people to rise to the faith of their greatness. She encouraged developers to come up with ideas that will provide sustainable solutions to our local challenges and the Global space at large rather than wait for Government to do everything. In an interactive session, some participants pleaded with the government to launch a technology fund to help accelerate their ideas.

The event, which is supported by National Information Technology Agency (NITDA) was held at the 3rd Floor of Ibom e-Library, IBB Avenue was attended by people who have technology based businesses as developers, incubators, innovators, bloggers, photographers and content marketers. AfroPot was there to ensure we were all fed during the ecosystems development programme.

Selected startups had the opportunity to pitch their products and also have a mentorship session with NINE team. The products demoed were:

  1. PlusLife – A messaging app that does not depend on internet or GSM network
  2. Platform – An app that help home tutors carry out all their tasks electronically
  3. e-Learning App for Kids – A kid friendly learning platform with accessibility features for impaired children
  4. Picture Bank – A cloud repository for photographers
  5. Hiver – A social network based on people’s interest Support

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