Dache Pearls Tutoring Start Hub CEO on Bead making

Dache Pearls Tutoring Start Hub CEO on Bead making

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The Roothub team proved to our CEO recently that business is not a noun. Hanson Johnson who took a casual visit to the hub was impressed with what he saw and commended the founders on their achievement. The tour was full of adventures and one of them was Dache Pearls Tutoring Start Hub CEO on Bead making.

Mr. Johnson was accompanied by the youngest millionaire in his team, Miss Emem Brownson, the co-founder of Housegirl – a 3rd prize winner of Global Entrepreneurship Week Ideas Contest and co-founder of AgroCast who recently won 2nd Prize in the 2015 NASA International Space Apps Challenge Nigeria. They were received by the co-founder of The Roothub, Mr. Francis Onuk, who later took them round introducing them to the various businesses they are pre-incubating. One of the businesses was Dache Pearls – makers of the perfect beads for all occasions. According to Mr. Johnson,

“We were lucky to meet with the founder, Miss Glory Udom who taught me how to make beads in 20 minutes. I learned and made a ball which was one of the accessories to a luxurious necklace she was working on. Dache Pearls Company offers beaded jewelry for sale and also training services”.

Unlike Start Innovation Hub who is helping tech startups with software and hardware ideas start up faster, The Roothub is helping other businesses start up faster in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. The two hubs are existing to complement each other in business and technology. As Start Innovation Hub breeds self-sustaining cutting edge solutions needed by today’s users, The Roothub complements with business, branding and Networking etc.

One of the incubates at The Roothub Mr. Samuel Ogu who is the Creative Director in CodeKago said the challenges they are facing is funding and finding skilled personnel and like-minded people to work with.

The bold step taken by the founders of these two hubs is a big relieve to the government. We encourage fellow Nigerians to do what they can with their little resources to create jobs while believing that government will make it possible for our businesses to thrive.

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