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COVID-19: We’ve Still Got You Covered From A Distance

By Managi Iwuoha
In May 7, 2020
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For days now, running into weeks, it’s been all social distancing and keeping optimal personal hygiene, which is safe, with the current global pandemic (Covid-19) situation. 

However, as an organization – as people – we understand how much this change has cost you. Yes, we know because we’re all in this together, and we’ve still got you covered from a distance. 

We’re still establishing significant measures to ensure the safety of our community and customers, while actively exploring ways of bringing more relevance to society.

As of this week, there’s been ease on the national lockdown protocol and within Akwa Ibom State, as well. Despite this, our teams and members of Start Innovation Hub Community would continue working remotely full-time, as our corporate office and training facilities would remain closed to customers until the end of May 2020.

Furthermore, we keep positioning ourselves to keep our customers in business. So, our teams are motivated and actively working remotely, guaranteeing the delivery of unwavering services to keep your business running seamlessly. You can visit our website or reach us on phone (WhatsApp at 0909 000 9216) or via email@starthub.com.ng. All our channels remain open and active around the clock.

Also, in these times, we have collaborated with other stakeholders in the state, providing guidance, campaigns on health safety, and quick emergency response as an effort to contribute to society.

Nonetheless, we would keep engaging all relevant authorities, agencies, and the state government, as we explore more ways to support and contribute to their efforts in ensuring safety within the state.

More importantly, to everyone, ensure you’re very protected while you move around. Do not spread panic through falsified information, stay updated with credible status releases by the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), and the Ministry of Health, and avoid gatherings. 

Ultimately, indulge optimum personal hygiene and health practices, like washing your hands regularly, sanitizing surfaces, and taking adequate nutrition.

Stay healthy and stay safe.

Signed                                                                                                                                                                                              Patrick Inyangetoh                                                                                                                                                                              for Management.


Managi Iwuoha is a content writer, content marketer, and currently the Community Engagement Lead at Start Innovation Hub. He writes about tech, content writing and marketing, personal development, and mental health.

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