Chukwuemeka in Uyo

Chukwuemeka Afigbo of Facebook in Uyo

In April 28, 2017

The positive signals out of Uyo is being felt globally and my visit is long overdue – Chukwuemeka Afigbo, Platform Partnerships, Head of Middle East and Africa, Facebook.

On 27th April, 2017 Mr. Afigbo arrived Start Innovation Hub at Ibom e-Library in the company of the Chief Executive Officer of Start Innovation Hub, Mr. Hanson Johnson at 1:38PM Nigerian time and had a group photograph with the Start Innovation Hub Clan before Hanson took him round the facility.

Emeka Afigbo with Start Innovation Hub Team

Emeka Afigbo with Start Innovation Hub Clan

He visited was to see for himself the amazing things the Tech Atlantic people are doing and also have an interaction with the stakeholders. In Mr. Johnson’s opening remark, he made Emeka understand that they are 4 hubs in Uyo – Start Innovation Hub, The Roothub, Enterprise Hub and Hubitz which he later took him round their facilities and also met with the Commissioner Ministry of Science and Technology Dr. Nse Essien and SA to Governor on ICT Engr. Solomon Eyo.

Mr. Johnson also made Emeka to understand that there is love in Tech Atlantic which is the reason for the success recorded in the community. He introduced him to NamMi and Cinemawaka the beneficiaries of FbStart bootstrapping packages from Facebook. He also told him of our involvement in the Facebook Messenger Bot Challenge, and how Facebook has helped small businesses grow especially with the introduction of Free Basics.

Representatives and stakeholders of the various units of the ecosystem also had the platform to share what they are working on and how they have leveraged the Facebook platform to achieve a lot in their businesses. Some of them are reps of the hubs in Uyo, Emem Brownson for Women Techmakers, Rosey Effiong for Bloggers, Enobong Alphonsus for Digital Marketers, Christian Jombo for Developers and Ini Ukut from Champion Breweries.

In his reaction, Emeka showed how excited he is to be in the midst of the MVPs of the most vibrant ecosystem out of Lagos. He encouraged us to keep up the good work because consistency is key and assured us of a Facebook Developer Circle in Uyo soonest.

Among other things like the opportunities available for developers and entrepreneurs in Facebook, he made us to understand the initiative and how we can take advantage of it and also introduced us to Facebook Blueprint – their global digital marketing training and certification program.

In a closing remark and vote of thanks, Uduak Umoatan of Codekago thanked him for boosting our moral by touring the Tech Atlantic region from Roar Nigeria Hub launch at University of Nigeria, Nsukka to Uyo and Port Harcourt.

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