Business Catalyst

Start Innovation Hub offers tailored incubation and acceleration programs that provide entrepreneurs with access to expert mentorship, co-working spaces, funding opportunities, and a network of industry leaders.

This entrepreneurship support programme is designed to transform your entrepreneurial ideas into thriving, viable businesses. Whether you’re launching a new venture or seeking to propel an existing business to greater heights, we are here to support your rapid growth. Navigating the uncertainties of entrepreneurship can be challenging, and that’s why Business Catalyst is designed to help you minimize uncertainties.

Join us and surround yourself with a team of intelligent, passionate individuals and have access to the best tools and strategies required to create and grow a successful business.

Our team of experienced idea incubation experts, mentors and advisors provides both group and one-on-one guidance to tech talents and entrepreneurs, helping them navigate challenges and make informed decisions, and provide access to funding to keep growing.