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7 Reasons Why People are Thriving in Shared Workspaces

7 Reasons Why People are Finding Success in Shared Workspaces

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I can work during my productive hours, how I want to, and connect with other professionals, with less competition in my workspace- if you can’t affirm those to yourself, then something is off. Reports from various research on the success rate of persons working out of shared workspaces in recent times have shown that there has been a vast increase in the success reported by shared workspace users. Similarly, individuals in traditional offices are beginning to express levels of objection towards the conventional setup. 

Traditional workspace may never become a relic-concept, but in the fewest years to come, shared workspaces would be a mainstream concept. So, it is an era of freelance and remote jobs, this one.

However, the hundred-percent-success-question remains; Why are shared workspace users achieving more success lately? Let’s find out.

Reasons Why People are thriving in Shared Workspaces

1. Flexibleness

Nothing beats the flexibility you feel working in a shared space. Shared workspaces give freelancers, teams, solo-entrepreneurs, and remote corporate workers the ambiance for flexibility. 

Equally, because people have different productive hours, shared workspaces offer the freedom for users to work at any time they chose to. So, they are capable of doing their best work within their productive hours without any hassle. 

Additionally, they chose how they want to work; either in a common area or an enclosed office for more privacy.

2. Ample Environment and Perks of Shared Workspaces

The environment of a shared workspace is never the same as that of a traditional office. Shared workspaces are designed for ergonomy and aesthetics to inspire. However, most corporate offices are beginning to adopt shared workspace designs, ideally, to simulate the same effect. 

3. Focus

Similarly, when in an enabling environment that allows for flexibility, there would be a better line of focus. 

Also, because users understand they have paid for the workspace, they can focus their time, energy, and resources towards meaningful work, to get the most of it. 

4. Value Work

Unlike the traditional office, shared workspaces eliminate the hassle of office persona. Shared workspace concepts allow users to find more value in their work with the absence of the need to create personalities other than their real selves to fit in, as is seen in traditional offices. 

Additionally, because freelancers and entrepreneurs make the most number of shared workspace users, they engage projects that they are passionate about, often. So, this overall makes them see meaning in their work and increase productivity, likewise.

5. Spirit of Community in Shared Workspaces

An undeniable factor for success in shared workspaces is the community of professionals and talents. 

Co-working spaces bring professionals in different fields and industries together in a single ambient environment. Also, there is a spirit of community among these professionals, socializing, supporting, networking, connecting and sharing, with ease. 

Though, different shared workspace communities have varying practices. While some communities have ideation and fitness sessions, others may have regular meetups and seminars. However, all these help develop individuals with a good focus on meaningful work. 

Also, despite the communities available, individuals do not feel the pressure to be part of groups. 

6. Opportunity for Collaboration

Shared workspaces promote and present opportunities for collaboration. Surveys have shown that most teams and individuals are very successful because of collaboration. 

Similarly, people who work from shared co-working spaces find it an environment with the right vibe for collaboration. Additionally, diversity in professions enables knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

7. Coherent Personal and Professional Connections

Ideally, when there is less or no competition, more coherent personal and professional relationships thrive. Invaluable connections add meaning and fascination to work. Every professional understands the benefits of building personal, as well as professional connections.

Similarly, building valuable networks, as a matter of fact, poses as the major reason why corporate companies let their staff work remotely from shared workspaces. 

Wrapping Up

Conclusively, from the look of it all, the shared workspace concept is here to stay. And truly, if you are not considering the possibilities just yet, then you need to see these reasons why you need to work from a shared workspace.

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