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Signs Your Enterprise Needs a New Website

7 Horrific Signs Your Enterprise Needs a New Website

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Today, even traditional businesses ideally designed to provide services to local customers are breaking their bounds, introducing websites and apps to broaden their reach (increasing revenue), improve services, and boost their reputation. Similarly, you’ve taken your enterprise to this next level. Kudos! Regardless, if your website feels and functions like it was built in the web 1.0 era (even if it was) and doesn’t bring profit, you need a new website. Come on. It’s the year 2020.  

Similarly, enterprises that are unaware of the potential revenue source an efficient website (that engages prospects and clients), presents do not realize how much it costs them to endure a dysfunctional one. 

Here are signs your website is unhealthy for your enterprise and needs a change.

1. Difficulty Updating Website

Is getting content onto your website as challenging as pulling a car up a hill? Updating your website content in an age when Content rules, should not pose a challenge, take more time than necessary or cost money. 

There are a lot of CMS (Content Management Systems) like WordPress that could let you add text, audio, video, and images to your website, with no coding skills required.

With that in mind, it’s crucial to be able to tune up your site for business with promotional landing pages, services pages, etc. without hassle. 

2. Website not Mobile-Friendly

Mm-mm, I must say that this is a huge turn-off. With the current shift in trend, from the heavy use of personal computers to the increased use of smartphones, you can’t afford to have a mobile-unresponsive website on your hands.

Consequently, people carry out product research mostly on their mobile phones. So prospects are likely viewing your site mostly on mobile.

Simply put, a website that is not mobile responsive is the fastest way for a website to get obsolete.  

3. Poor or No Ranking on Search Engine

How are people finding your website if you don’t appear on search results? Building organic search ranking is dependent on building a website that is search engine-friendly, achieved with great content strategy and structure.

Nonetheless, it is a process that takes time and perhaps money. 

4. Website Functionality Doesn’t Meet Business Needs

As a fact, many enterprises build websites in their early stages, that serve as brand information and services pages. Your enterprise can’t remain the same over the years. Well, you don’t expect it to, at least

You may need to expand the reach of your products and services, create a better user experience, or even add an e-commerce segment. With this in mind, you’d, of course, need a new site that would be able to keep your business status.

5. Website’s Without a Blog

Content is King, they say. You can’t put a price on the benefits of a working blog on your website.

Providing value to your clients through quality and consistent content can grow your search ranking and drive traffic to your site organically. Ultimately, doing your business a whole world of good.

While this is true, the result desired from a blog may be far fetched without relevant content and consistency.

6. Brand Inconsistent Website

The question no one probably ever asked you: Is your website consistent with your brand? Honestly, it is more often than not your prospects’ first stop.

Your website should continuously portray your brand. While it should carry your actual logo, slogan, and all entities of your brand identity, it also should show products and services you offer.

Additionally, it must present your company culture and values as part of your brand identity.

7. No Conversion 

Now, this is why you have a business website in the first place; Conversion. What happens when it’s not doing that? Well, this could be fixed by just changing a few texts and perhaps images or could be as grande as getting a new site entirely.

But first, you have to define what a complete transaction on your website should be. Is it: subscribing to a mailing list, buying a product, downloading a resource, or getting a quote? Then you can move from there.

Start Hub Tech provides web development services that let you achieve your goals within your set duration.

Additionally, with a professional team of collaborative web developers, project and program managers, open client communication, and a workflow that lets you track the team progress from start to finish, the success of your project is guaranteed. 

You can tell us about your project or get a quote here.

Still, wondering how to make the right choice of a web development firm for your project? I’d be sure to share the things to look out for before outsourcing your web development project in another article.  

Meanwhile, if your business doesn’t have a website yet, then you’d need to see the 5 Reasons why your business needs a website.

The earlier you make a decision, the quicker you’d start getting the revenue you’ve been losing. 

Until next time, take a good tour of your website.

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