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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

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There are many other ways I can state it, but I’d stick with this one. Every business with a growth plan needs a website – so does yours.

Last week, I was out visiting a friend. In-between good times was my worry about where to get the best deal on a new smartphone. My friend had just got a smartphone, recently, from a big smartphone retail store in town- for a fair deal. I decided to check the store on Friday, at the close of work. I got to the address, and here’s what I found – a sign that read “Closed for Business. Open hours 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.”

Well, that’s fine! I decided to check out their website. So I searched on google, but even google couldn’t find these guys!  I’ve not had the time to call back. Now, I’d have to wait for Black Friday for the best deals online.

Websites always work. They work – all the time. Whether it’s a profession or a business – a startup or an already-established enterprise, a big, small, or medium venture – it deserves a space you can control, and call your own.

As stated by Pulse the Global State of Digital in 2019 report showed that there are 98.39 million internet users in the country. Of the 98.39 million Nigerian internet users, 54% access the internet daily, while only 12% (24 million) have active social media accounts

Are you taking your share in this market?

Reasons You Should Get a Business Website

1. Boost your business credibility with a website

While potential customers might not care whether or not your business has a website, not having a website can be a deal-breaker for certain persons who are willing to do business with you. It’s a question of credibility. For these persons, a credible business should have a website. Take the advantage; get a website.

2. Present yourself as an authority

Some businesses go with the cliché “We are a startup. We would have a website after we have built a catalog of products we offer”. Well, while you are building that catalog, consider how your audience is currently solving their problems.

Business goes way beyond providing products and services. Show a great level of authority as a professional in your niche. Can you give free consultations through relevant content?

A website you control is a good place to build your authority. Show your audience that you understand the problem and then offer useful content – that solves a problem or satisfies a desire.

3. Attract prospects and convert them into paying customers through your website

Several internet users, at their own time, research the products and services they want to buy, online before making any purchase.

A good website would help a searching client or business find you easily, and rank you against your competition.

90% of consumers claim that online reviews influence their buying decisions. Constant Contact

Your website also creates an opportunity to tell your business story. You’d never know, you could rank best against the competition.

4. A website saves you a lot of bucks

How much does your business spend on Ads and promoted posts, annually? What changes can you make within your business for that same amount? Websites are not as expensive as you’d want to believe, these days.

Get a good website, give it a professional look it deserves, put up relevant content – worth your audience’s time – and you just would have built your business the largest, and yet cheapest medium for your adverts.

5. Stay open for business 24/7/365

Unlike the smartphone retail store, that I might not get to visit again, every hour could be business hours for your brand. Setting up your website means people would still find and interact with your business, anytime, anywhere. So what do you say?

If you are feeling up to it, here are 5 Quick Steps to Acquire Your Business Website:

  1. Choose and register an appropriate domain name.
  2. Get a good hosting plan for your website, from a reliable hosting platform.
  3. Pick a web developing platform – like WordPress.
  4. Choose a theme that fits your brand.
  5. Create useful and relevant attraction content for your website.

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