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5 In-Demand Digital Skills For The Post-COVID Era

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Look around you. What do you see? Are things the same as they used to be 10 years ago? I guess not. Do you think they’d remain the same in the next 3 years? Definitely, no. But where you’d be in it, is up to you. You’re probably wondering where I’m headed with this. 

The face of work, as we all know it, is changing and would change some more in the nearest future. Well, as a result of the digital transformation taking place and its acceleration by the global pandemic situation. However, to stay relevant, you need employable digital skills. 

So, now, are you job-ready? What digital skills do you have? What skills do you really need?

If you’d recall a few months ago, you were more concerned about making it through the lockdown in one piece. Then, at some point, you either tried to learn a skill or start a business. What changed? Although the COVID-19 pandemic brought a lot of distress and negativity, it also presents a lot of opportunities – some untapped. 

Interestingly, you can start tapping into those opportunities by getting any of these in-demand digital skills that Start Innovation Hub is offering – at almost no cost

In-Demand Digital Skills

  1. Web Development
  2. Android Development
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Graphic design
  5. E-commerce Platform Development

1. Web Development

Web development is the process of adding functionalities to web design, using codes. So, it involves the use of programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and so on, to give life to a design, making it a functional website.

Also, as a digital skill, it’s made up of two elements – backend web development and frontend web development.

While frontend web development is concerned with the interface the visitors interact with (client-side), backend web development is responsible for the administrator’s side (server-side) of the website. 

You can find out what options are available for you with web development here.

2. Android Development

Android development is the concept of building native applications for mobile devices that run on the android platform. Simply put, android developers build mobile app versions of products and services.

With the continually growing use of smartphones, it’s undeniable the relevance of this digital skill. Looks like your thing? Find out more.

3. Digital Marketing

The list would be incomplete without this ICT skill. In a world where everything, everyone, businesses, and brands are digitally evolving, digital marketing, unlike traditional marketing, takes marketing where the market is – online.

Digital marketers have great skills in creating relevant content and compelling copies for online marketing. They understand the audience and are hardly bound by geographical limitations because everyone is online on social media, fora, groups, and websites.

Explore your options with digital marketing.

4. Graphic Design

If you’re wondering, graphic design is a digital skill that is very much and always in-demand. Graphic designers do not only create aesthetics, but they also are responsible for creating functional concepts and workable designs following design principles.

More so, It takes a lot of creativity, great exposure, an in-depth understanding of design principles and interaction of forms, elements, and empathy. Could be for you. Find out.

5. E-commerce Platform Development

Here’s the catch; as more businesses, products, and services keep going online, there’s an approximate increase in the demand for e-commerce platforms. These platforms make it easy for businesses to display their services and products and for customers to find and pay for them. 

So, e-commerce platform development involves the use of CMS (Content Management Systems) tools. Find out more.

Here’s The Catch

With a skill that is in high demand, you’d be on your way to job-readiness and self-sustenance while building a thriving career. Start Innovation Hub aims to train and empower 600 youths for job-readiness with skills in coding, marketing, and design, at almost no cost. 

Also, we’d provide you a learning space, surround you with an enabling community of professionals, grant you soft skills, and link you to the right jobs. What more could you want?

You are ready to start this journey with us, yes? To register, Click Here!

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