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17 Awesome WordPress Plugins That Will Improve Your Site

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As a WordPress website administrator, you would find that there is always the need for new functionality on your website. Yet, without a coding skill, how do you intend to get these functions up and running?  

Well, Time is money they say. Hence, the importance of WordPress Plugins. These plugins provide functions like user data collection, web content optimization for search engines, and so on.

Also, there are over 50,000 WordPress Plugins to help you add these functionalities to your site. 

Anyways, I have taken the time to find these 17 awesome plugins that will improve your business website.

Backup Plugins

1. Updraft Plus

Losing the content and data on your website can be a horrible experience. However, Updraft Plus is a very popular backup plugin for WordPress websites to prevent such experience. It allows you to make scheduled automatic backups of your website data. 

Hence, your WordPress site data are successfully backed up on remote or cloud-based storage like google drive, email, or dropbox. 

While there is a free version of the plugin, you could also access more features on the paid premium version.

Updraft plus WordPress plugin Source


2. VaultPress

“The most powerful backups and security for your WordPress site” – these are the first words you would find on the VaultPress official website. VaultPress takes charge of the realtime and scheduled backup of your site content.

However, the content is backed up on the VaultPress server, which allows you to recover your data in time. 

Additionally, VaultPress runs a timely security scan on your WordPress site to ensure your site’s safety. While VaultPress is now a part of Jetpack, all the features are paid, still.

VaultPress WordPress plugin Source

Security Plugins

3. Sucuri

As a business website owner, you do consider security as a priority, I believe. A plugin that can help ensure that your WordPress site is always secured is Sucuri

Sucuri has a security plugin feature, as well as a web app firewall feature. More so, it protects your website from malware attacks and other forms of attack.

Sucuri WordPress plugin Source

4. Akismet

Another thing other than 404 errors that can affect the reliability and credibility of your Business website are scam comments. Scam comments are infuriating, and you know it. 

So, Akismet is a security plugin that restricts and sorts scam comments on your site. Additionally, it provides different pricing plans and a free personal plan.

Akismet WordPress plugin Source

SEO Plugins

5. Yoast SEO

Optimizing content on your WordPress website for search engines and the audience is relevant to keep healthy and organic traffic on your website. 

Yoast SEO, considered the most popular WordPress SEO plugin, has features that improve audience engagement on your site, grow your traffic from search engines, and more. While there is a premium version, its basic features are free.  

Yoast SEO WordPress plugin Source

6. Google XML Sitemaps

The Google XML Sitemaps plugin considerably enhances your WordPress site SEO by allowing search engines to index your site faster. It achieves this by letting web crawlers see the complete structure of your website. Overall, it informs search engines when there is new content on your website.

Google XML Sitemaps plugin Source

Form Builder Plugins

7. Everest Forms

You can build stylish mobile responsive forms on your site for collecting user information, subscriptions, or payment with Everest Forms

Additionally, the useful add-ons it provides, improve the functions, also. Nonetheless, they offer paid plans with impressive features.

Everest Forms WordPress plugin Source


8. Contact Form 7

With Contact Form 7 plugin, you can customize and manage multiple user forms on your WordPress site. Like Everest Forms, it also has ReCaptcha features to keep away scammers.


Contact Form 7 plugin Source


Email and Newsletter Plugins

9. MailChimp for WordPress

Direct Email marketing campaigns and newsletters interestingly never get old or less effective. The MailChimp for WordPress plugin allows you to get more subscribers on your mailing list. It also lets you create great signup forms. 

Even more, the MailChimp plugin easily integrates with other form builders and eCommerce plugins. 

MailChimp for WordPress Plugin Source


Optimization Plugins

10. W3 Total Cache

Because your site visitors care about your site performance, you should too. They don’t want to wait too long for your website to load. So, a WordPress plugin that optimizes your website performance by decreasing the load time is W3 Total Cache.  

More so, it manages large traffic sessions to give your visitors an excellent user experience.

W3 Total WordPress Cache Source


11. WP-Optimize

Like W3 Total Cache, WP-Optimize caches pages on your website to reduce load time while increasing user experience. It also has features that let you compress images on your WordPress website. WP-Optimize lets you declutter your database, as well.

WP-Optimize plugin Source


eCommerce Plugins

12. WooCommerce

When you are ready to create a storefront for your products on your WordPress site, you would need a plugin like WooCommerce

WooCommerce Plugin has e-commerce features that allow you to generate products, carts, and checkout sessions on your store. It also ensures secure payment by integrating with different payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, and so on.

WooCommerce WordPress Plugin Source                 

13. BigCommerce

Another WordPress e-commerce plugin is the BigCommerce plugin. The plugin provides features similar to the WooCommerce plugin. More so, it allows for scalability and requires less management. So, you can set up and start selling.

BigCommerce plugin Source

Plugins For Social Media Sharing 

14. Social Snap

Social Snap is a WordPress plugin that increases engagement and traffic to your website by letting you and your audience share your website content on social media. 

Additionally, with very clickable social buttons, it allows your readers to share your content with just a click. It also lets you customize your content metadata for social media, while automatically sharing your content. Start sharing for better engagement.

Social Snap WordPress Plugin Source

15. Social Icons

Social Icons makes setting up social media sharing icons on your web pages very easy with the widget feature. 

So, you can easily choose from several popular social media icons by dragging the widgets and dropping them in your desired positions. It’s pretty easy to use.

Social Icon Plugin Source


Extra Plugins

16. Jetpack

Jetpack is a multi-featured plugin that provides your WordPress site with a lot of great functionalities with its amazing features. It has features like security, form building, social sharing features, and more.

JetPack WordPress plugin Source

17. PubSubHubbub

PubSubHubbub is an auto-feed plugin that notifies your audience of updates on your WordPress site. These updates are also always in real-time.

While it supports similar feed formats used by Atom and RSS, it same verifies subscriptions to your feed to avoid spam.

PubSubHubbub plugin Source

Next Step

For what it’s worth, I hope you have found a couple or more of these plugins necessary for your WordPress website. You can always find your way around these plugins. You can also hire a WordPress Developer to set them up for you. 

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