Every Nigerian Child Deserves a Chance to Code

Kids Code Club

The club is for children 8 to 17 years old. We are targeting to host the club in schools nationwide because we believe, every Nigerian child deserves a chance to learn how to code.

This programme is not just about making or discovering developers, rather it strengthens problem solving and logical thinking skills. It is also useful for other aspects of our lives, careers and hobbies.

We appreciate the efforts of our network of volunteers nationwide who have invested a lot in hosting Kids Code Club in schools. Nominate a school near you and join our network of volunteers nationwide.

Kids Code Camp

Every year, we take advantage of summer and Christmas holidays to camp kids for at least 6 days. During this period, they will be exposed to various computer and programming courses ranging from creating animations, game development, web design and micro-blogging, networking and games.

At the end of the programme, we do organise kids hackathon for them to use a limited time to create products using the knowledge they acquired in the camp. The results are always amazing and here is what this blog have to say on one of such events.