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Coding for Kids: Reasons why Parents in Akwa Ibom should enroll their kids

In July 18, 2018
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Coding for Kids?

Since the penetration of Information Computer Technology in Africa, there has been a bridge of gap in our educational system as a result of vast knowledge of Technology Education.

Interestingly, technology has deepened to the entire African terrain, even though we still have a percentage gap that projects a greater number of Africans as computer illiterates.

Some notable technology futurist had long claimed that technology is the future, and for us as Africans seeking to develop our human capacity, being armed with trends in technology has become a priority.

The narrative ― ‘Technology is the future’, isn’t bad after all, but we would all agree that technology is happening now and we should do all it takes to embrace it, get involved by updating ourselves in latest trends and get our children to learn the ropes too.

In achieving the Nigerian dream, and by extension, the African dream, getting our kids exposed and acquainted with technology education is the most priceless gift that parents could give to their off-springs.

As we may know, the 21st century smart kids are those that have early exposure in technological tools that benefits them in their everyday life and also make them digital citizens.

Makers’ Club Holiday programme, a 4-week technology entrepreneurship skills acquisition programme is set to help young people acquire technological skills that will make them relevant in today’s digital economy.

Early Exposure

In as much as we want our kids to become successful in whatever career choice they find themselves, the key thing to help them as they grow is by exposing them to knowledge of Technology. The likes of Mark Zukerberg and Bill Gates, who happen to be in the cadre of the richest men in the world, had early exposure in technology and were able to leverage on it by building a career for themselves. Makers’ club is an initiative that will give your kids a foundation in everything Technology.

Digital Skills

As the rate of Unemployment world over keeps increasing, the smart individuals that will set themselves apart from people that are hovering the street with the mentality that they have a University degree in their shelve; are the ones that will arm themselves with digital skills.

The world had long gone digital, every child from a tender age must be introduced to the idea of digital skills. Makers Club holiday program will not just build your kids with the knowledge of Technology, but with the idea of creating digital solutions in helping their local community.

Kids Can Code Too

There has also been a wrong notion that it is only adults who have grown to a certain age are supposed to try out coding, build websites and the likes. The answer is that kids can actually start out and nurture their career in coding, build websites, game Apps and also incubate ideas that will fetch them money.

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